1960’s record

“It was in 1908[i] when about four people formed a committee and Mr Bell of the Eastleigh Printing Works undertook the duties of Scoutmaster. Meetings were held in one or the others front parlour. Of course there were only a few boys then, but Mr Bell gave up a great deal of his time and the members soon increased. He was helped by Mr Lee.

The time came when Mr Bell left the District and Mr Harris took over as Scoutmaster. Numbers were still increasing and a suitable place had to be found where the Scouts could meet. Eventually a large room was found which in now part of the British Legion Club[ii] on Station Hill. The rent was 6s. 0d. per week and was hard to find. Mr Harris with his son and daughter did some good work and numbers  soon increased to 120, and wasn’t he proud to march the boys round the town.

During this time money was being raised with the idea of one day having their own Headquarters, and it was after the 1914-1918 war that we got moving on the matter.

The group then bought this site for £100 and at that time the Army huts at the Airport were for sale, so one was selected and promptly bought for £56. This being the Headquarters that was recently demolished to make way for the present building[iii]. The Scouts and Rovers worked very hard and took the hut to pieces ready to enable it to be transported and re-erected on the site. Mr Barton who was then the treasurer and later a trustee, kindly transported the pieces to the Chamberlayne Road site free of charge. It must be remembered that all of this was accomplished with the Scouts own money. There are too many to mention, who made this possible.

The Headquarters were taken over during the second World war for the purpose of a canteen, but when the Scouts finally took over again the building was in dire need of repair. Although the roof was completely refelted and the interior repaired and redecorated, it was then realised that a new Headquarters would be necessary. It was at this time that a Building Fund was started.

The group has flourished since these days and the ensuing Group Committee’s and Scouts have worked for 17 years to achieve these new Headquarters. “

[i] The Scout Group was officially registered with the Scout Association in 1909

[ii] This building has not been identified

[iii] Demolished in 2004